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Room in a box is a creative way to have your cake AND eat it too! This day in age everyone has access to designer goods, but do you find yourself struggling to pull everything together and make your room cohesive? Thats where Joseph Aparicio Interiors steps in. With Room In A Box there is no questioning. Joseph Aparicio goes over your information and begins to put a design together to match your lifestyle. These designs come to you in the form of a box that you then can implement at your own pace. 


Purchase your room package. Then I send you everything we need to get started. These are the items I need from you: 


 - Complete lifestyle questionnaire

 - Detailed photographs of space

 - Room dimensions including windows  and doors

 - Photos and dimensions of any furniture    or art you plan to keep in this space

 - Inspiration photos. The easiest way to do this is to create a Pinterest board and send it to me. 


 We are working to put your perfect design  together. I customize your room from top to bottom. Each Room In A Box has two versions of your room that you can mix and match. After version 1 I send over the mood board to get your opinions. I then create version 2. Included in your Room In A Box are: 

 - Furnishing plan

 - Furniture specifications 

 - Furnishings storyboard

 - Elevation drawings (if applicable)

 - Samples of fabric, wallpaper and paint    (if applicable) 

 - Details of where to purchase each item

 - Room Illustration (if applicable)


You've got mail! 

I package everything up and send your Room In A Box directly to your doorstep. Purchase everything at once, or use it as a Master Plan and buy items one-by-one. Pull together your room on your schedule and budget, without ever leaving home. 

Have questions once you receive everything? I am here to help you with ordering, installing, and arranging your new room: start to finish.

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